The Best AR-10 80% Lower Receivers and Parts

Welcome to and our reviews of the best 80% AR10 lower receivers, parts, and accessories. Lower receivers are available in many different styles and made from materials ranging from forged aluminum to polymer. Selecting the best lower receiver for you AR10 rifle or pistol build is critical and then finishing it with the best tools, parts, and accessories will ensure the safest and best results.

While the term "AR-10" is often used to describe AR stle rifles chambered in .308/7.62x51mm, the AR-10 is actually a trademarked rifle manufactured by Armalite and is not compatible with aftermarket DPMS LR-308 lower receivers. DPMS receivers are compatible with all popular DPMS/LR-308/SR-25 style magazines including MagPul PMAGs.

80% Lower Receivers are NOT firearms as classified by the ATF -

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